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This tour itinerary will present you Romania during the communism regime

No doubt, Romania was significantly marked by the period of communism. It is part of our history and cannot be forgotten so easily. This tour itinerary will present you Romania during the communism regime, and also aspects about the fall in 1989 and the beginning of the democracy.

If we speak about communism, we cannot miss an outside visit to the People’s House (Parliament Palace), built by Ceausescu and his megalomania. Considered the largest administrative building in the world, this palace is…just big. Unfortunately for him, he has never lived here. By the time of his execution in 1989, the palace was almost done. therefore, he left us with a colossal building with enormous maintenance costs.

We will continue our trip visiting the private house of Ceausescu’s family called Primaverii Palace. Hidden by the public eyes so far, the comfortable house was recently open for everyone. The inside tour will show the luxury lifestyle of our last communist dictator.

Later on, we get to the University Square , Revolution Square and Communist Party Headquarter, see the balcony of Ceausescu’s last speech, stop in front of State Security Headquarter, the infamous offices of forced confessions, torture and execution during the communism regime. We will present you video clips/printed materials from the revolution time (21-23 December 1989). We will talk about the people’s courage, terror and hope to a better future for their children…


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What is included:
  • Personal English speaking certified guide

  • Transportation with air-conditioned car/minibus

  • Entrance fee to the Primaverii Palace – Ceausescu’s house

  • Pick-up & drop off from your hotel in Bucharest

What is NOT included:
  • Souvenirs or private expenses

  • Photo fees

  • Food or drinks

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Prices:
  • 1 person traveling alone: 125€/pers
  • 2 person traveling together: 65€/pers
  • 3–7 person traveling together: 55€/pers
  • 8 person traveling together: 45€/pers
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